Community Wi-Fi has become a key strategy for customer retention and growth for service providers in many regions. Not only does it give customers more pervasive connectivity, but it also opens the door for new business models and services based on wholesale Wi-Fi. Residential hotspots, or Homespots, offer an efficient way to provide community Wi-Fi using existing infrastructure. However, securing the internet access of community users over the huge installed base of legacy access points and home gateways is a challenge for operators and also a concern for the community users. It is even more difficult in homes that have distributed multi room access points or range extenders that are physically separated from the home gateway.

Cloud-based Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) moves certain security functions from the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) access point system to the cloud to enable end-to-end secured community Wi-Fi. It works across any type of legacy network, CPE system, client device, and client operating system (OS), with minimal impact on throughput and latency.

Cloud WPA is a way for virtual service providers to provide secured internet access over neutral host home Wi-Fi.

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