List name Post address Description
ACAT [email protected] Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit
Accel-config [email protected] accel-config
Celadon [email protected] An Android Open Source Platform for Intel Architecture
chipsec [email protected] CHIPSEC Discussion List
Devel [email protected] ACPICA Developer Mailing List
ell [email protected] Embedded Linux Library
OpenVINO Google Summer of Code [email protected] OpenVINO Google Summer of Code Mailing List
intel-sgx-kernel-dev [email protected] Project: Intel Software Guard Extensions for Linux*:
iwd [email protected]
kbuild-all [email protected] kbulid-all holds all the reports from the 0day linux kernel build test robot, including compile error/warnings and sparse/smatch/coccinelle static check warnings.
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