[SyncEvolution] Syncevolution in Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux running Debian

Graham Cobb g+syncevolution at cobb.uk.net
Thu Feb 28 16:27:43 PST 2019

Just to note that I have managed to complete a simple proof-of-concept
syncevolution run under Windows 10 WSL with Debian.

All I did was a simple sync between a remote webdav server and local
files, but it works.

Apart from a small packaging problem (reported separately), the only
real issues are the fact that it is headless and X Windows is not
available. Two workrounds are needed for that:

1) Start dbus using:

 dbus-run-session -- bash

2) Start the gnome-keyring-daemon using:

 eval `echo password | gnome-keyring-daemon --unlock`


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