[SyncEvolution] Newer phones with syncml support

deloptes deloptes at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 17:05:24 PST 2019

Tino Mettler wrote:

> from my POV, SyncML also requires a "home service" to sync with.
> Yes, setting up CalDAV/CardDAV requires some knowledge. I use DAViCal.
> It requires setting up a PostgreSQL database, adjusting the configuration
> for DAViCal and setting up user accounts using the DACiCal web frontend.
> However, it's not that hard at all, and could be streamlined with some
> effort.
> At the end, you get features like shared calendars, auto-discovery of
> all addressbooks/calendars assigned to the users (via bindings), cheap
> background sync over HTTPS without manual interaction and compatibility
> with current smartphone operating systems. It's also a lot easier to
> keep multiple devices (more than two) in sync.
> iOS comes with CalDAV/CardDAV support OOTB.  On Android, third party
> apps are required, as Google internally uses some sort of
> CalDAV/CardDAV but does not expose it to use it with your own server

Hi Tino,
thank you for sharing. My problems are that firstly I loose something that
was working good for so many years and is sufficient for my needs. Second I
do not want to access my home network via WLAN and last I do not want to
use WLAN on the phone all the time. You may add the lack of choice that is
gone as well.

But thanks anyway.


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