[SyncEvolution] Sony Ericsson C510: No idea to get it working

knipp at m-otion.com knipp at m-otion.com
Mon Nov 1 13:02:04 PDT 2010

Hi Patrick,

On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> That means "not found" - whatever wasn't found might be visible in the
> logs. Can you share a log with the settings that at least triggered
> synchronization on the phone?

I already sent an email containing log and settings, but without success, 
the message is too big and needs approval by the list moderator.

So, I've put the files on http://ravenea.m-otion.at/~knipp

There you'll find the current configuration and the log file, generated 
with loglevel=4 (which provides XML files of the communication, which I 
find really useful to get an idea of SyncML). Unfortunately, I cannot find 
a proper uri property for synchronisation.

I already tried „Contact“ as given by the template, „Contacts“ as seen as 
SourceRef in the response from the phone and „card3“ as read in the wiki 
for another Sony phone. I even tried to set the uri property to an empty 

Interestingly I cannot find the value of the uri property somewhere in the 
syncevolution-log.html nor in the XML files.

Kind regards,


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