[SyncEvolution] Sony Ericsson C510: No idea to get it working

Patrick Ohly patrick.ohly at intel.com
Mon Nov 1 08:13:56 PDT 2010

On Mo, 2010-11-01 at 13:36 +0000, knipp at m-otion.com wrote:
> Maybe someone can give me a hint, what to try next.
> What does the Status 404 mean, which seems to be sent by SyncEvolution? 
> Maybe the phone cannot treat this answer, resolving in the Internal Server 
> Error.

That means "not found" - whatever wasn't found might be visible in the
logs. Can you share a log with the settings that at least triggered
synchronization on the phone?

I could imagine that the phone is trying to synchronize, but with URIs
which SyncEvolution doesn't understand, like "Contacts" instead of
"addressbook". This can be solved by adding whatever the phone is using
in the "uri" property of our "addressbook" source config.

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