[SyncEvolution] Sony Ericsson C510: No idea to get it working

knipp at m-otion.com knipp at m-otion.com
Mon Nov 1 06:36:34 PDT 2010

Hi all, hi Patrick,

   I tried to use my phone with SyncEvolution, but I wasn't very sucessful.

The operating system is Ubuntu 10.10. I installed SyncEvolution from the 
http://downloads.syncevolution.org/apt repository.

   knipp at franz-mobile:~$ syncevolution --version
   SyncEvolution 1.1

   using libedataserver-1.2.so.13 - might not be compatible!
   using libebook-1.2.so.9
   using libecal-1.2.so.7
   using libecal-1.2.so.7
   using libbluetooth.so.3


I tried the SonyEricsson Template for SyncML 1.2 as well as the one for 
SyncML 1.1, configured using sync-ui.

As I didn't succeed, I switched to use the command-line client. 
syncevo-phone-config did not find a working configuration.

I attached the log files of one of the last tries as well as the 

Which settings did I change during my tests (restricted to the 

* SyncMLVersion = 1.2 | 1.1 | 1.0

   Only 1.2 brought up the „Synchronisation” screen on the phone, the other
   settings hung up the phone and made a bluetooth restart necessary.

* remoteIdentifier = PC Suite | Sony Ericss | <empty>

   No configuration worked.

* uri = Contact | Contacts | card3

   No configuration worked.

The integration with the Evolution addressbook works, I could export it 
without problems.

Maybe someone can give me a hint, what to try next.

What does the Status 404 mean, which seems to be sent by SyncEvolution? 
Maybe the phone cannot treat this answer, resolving in the Internal Server 

Kind regards,

Franz Knipp

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