Latest SPDK stopped working on armv8 port for us.

When I checked in back to this commit it starts working.


commit effea17dadbc28d201a4ec793e1d7c169e2faac6

Author: Daniel Verkamp <>

Date:   Wed Feb 22 15:06:31 2017 -0700


    nvmf: make invalid rdma_req case into an assert


    The wr_id should never be NULL - it will always correspond to a request

    we previously posted.  Convert the check to an assert() so we notice if

    this ever happens (which would indicate a programming error somewhere



    While we're here, add a more robust check to make sure the request is

    actually in the correct array of requests for the connection being

    polled (also in an assert, since this should never fail in normal



    Change-Id: I855763d7d827fb8cf00a775c7bc2ccb579db8d0f

    Signed-off-by: Daniel Verkamp <>


From: Oza Oza []
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 12:03 PM
To: 'Storage Performance Development Kit'
Subject: invalid usermode virtual address 0xffff8f600000




Why do I get invalid user mode virtual address when I enabled DEBUG in SPDK/DPDK ?


invalid usermode virtual address 0xffff8f600000

invalid usermode virtual address 0xffff0f800000

invalid usermode virtual address 0xffff0f400000


this is armv8.