I see that rte_eal_get_physmem_layout is the one gets physical memory layout.

But not sure where does it get it from and if it depends on say 64bit architecture or just some config !


From: Oza Oza [mailto:oza.oza@broadcom.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2017 1:29 AM
To: 'Storage Performance Development Kit'
Subject: restricting SPDK/DPDK memory allcoation




How do I ask SPDK/DPDK to restrict the iova and phys_addr allocation to first 128 GB of its address space ?


In short I want to restrict


Function: vfio_type1_dma_map

dma_map.vaddr = ms[i].addr_64;

dma_map.iova = ms[i].phys_addr;


iova address which gets programmed in iommu restricted to first 128 GB of space ?


I am using ARM64 port, but it should not have anything to do with architecture anyway.