I am a user of ACPI-CA, I have integrated the acpi-ca code into my application. And, I can use the acpi-ca debugger to do some testing. Recently, I came across one issue.
    When I was using the 'acd disassemble' to disassemble these type methods(highlighted with yellow as below), then the system will crash, it seems it was accessing some invalid address.
The _CRS is under '\_SB_.LNKA'
                    Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized)
                        Name (BUF0, ResourceTemplate()
                            IRQ (Level, ActiveLow, Shared) {0}

                        CreateWordField (BUF0, One, IRQW)
                        If (And (PIRB, 0x80))
                            Store (Zero, Local0)
                            Store (One, Local0)

however, using the 'acd resources \_SB_.LNKA' can parse out the IRQ resource without any errors. I guess probably there is one issue in acpi-ca disassembler.
Is there any one can help me to address?